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Fyr & Salt at 8 Hands Farm

Join us on our new venture as we partner with 8 Hands Farm in providing you with the highest quality prepared foods, meats, and market goods. 8 Hands Farm is a small, family-run, regenerative farm who's focus is on soil health and being an environmentally sustainable operation.

Butcher Shop

8 Hands Farm has a full butchery program from the animals raised on premise along with chicken and duck eggs and a variety of produce for sale. The livestock are heritage breeds and rotated on pasture, provided with organic feed. The ruminant animals (cows, lamb, goats) are 100% grass-fed on pastures that are free of chemical fertilizers and other artificial inputs. The produce is grown without any herbicides or pesticides, just compost generated on the farm.


Our Cafe menu is created on a weekly basis, only using meat from 8 Hands. We source the other ingredients from the farm or what is best available locally and/or organic. All sandwich bread is sourdough and baked fresh every morning by our kitchen.


Our Market goes hand in hand with the Cafe to provide you with prepared food allowing you to eat more cleanly while supporting a regenerative farm. Whether you cook at home, just want a quick meal to pop in the oven, or just looking for some clean food to round out your pantry, add us to your next grocery run!

On-site Events

Host your next family event, party or corporate gathering over at 8 Hands Farm overlooking the pasture. Bring your guests and we will take care of the rest. 

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